Experienced Recruiting


What do you want from your career?

A stable work environment that offers competitive pay and benefits? A culture that values diversity, inclusion and teamwork? The chance to make a difference every day?

Working at Southern Company and its affiliates provides all of the above.

When you come to work at Southern Company, you have the opportunity to use your skills to invent America's energy future. Clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity is essential to economies of the communities we serve and our customers' overall quality of life.

You'll also have the chance to reinvent your career future. Our continuous training and development opportunities including cross-training, job rotations and an online virtual university to ensure you're not only making the most of your current skills, you're gaining new ones as well.

Experience a fulfilling career that's important, necessary and offers its share of fun and camaraderie. Join the 27,000 Southern Company employees who make a difference - every day - in the lives of their friends and neighbors and in their communities.


Plant Careers

Learn about a career in plant running and maintenance.

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Line Careers

Learn about a career working to keep our power lines in good repair.

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Engineering Careers

Learn about engineering career opportunities at power generating plants, distribution and transmission units and at our corporate offices.

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Customer Service Careers

Find opportunities for a career serving the public.

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